Essay On Healthy People 2020

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Obesity is a widespread serious problem that is notoriously difficult to treat and associated with long-term health illnesses as well as serious diseases that is effecting individuals not only in girth but metabolically and psychologically. The purpose of this paper is to identify a health problem that is prevalent within my community and analyzes this problem by using Milio’s framework for prevention. I will also discuss the nursing diagnoses that correlate with this health problem, consult Health People 2020 to compare national goals that relate to my chosen diagnosis and further discuss one long-term and three short-term goals with their interventions. One major health problem within my community is obesity. Obesity is affecting all ages, all races, and all ethnicities. Epidemiological studies have revealed an underlying relationship between a multitude of cancers and obesity (Vucenik & Stains, 2012). Other major diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease and other chronic diseases have also been related to the effects from obesity worsening psychological and…show more content…
These national goals are aimed to encourage good health and prevent disease in an attempt to improve the overall health and wellbeing to all the populations throughout the nation *** * Healthy People 2020 designed a dietary guideline that is proposed for medical professionals and policymakers to help Americans obtain a healthier diet and regular physical activity. These guidelines help provide an adaptable framework of daily nutritional needs so the individual can achieve a healthy lifestyle that can also work with their budget. The national goals that are related to my chosen diagnosis are promotion of health and to decrease chronic disease risk by establishing healthful in order to maintain a healthy body weight (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP],
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