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A non-ST segment elevation heart attack is a type of heart attack (myocardial infarction). A heart attack happens when some of the heart muscle is injured or dies because it does not get enough oxygen. A non-ST segment elevation heart attack happens when an artery carrying blood to the heart muscles (coronary artery) becomes partly or temporarily blocked.
A heart attack is a medical emergency. If you think you are having a heart attack, do not wait to see if the symptoms will go away. Get medical help right away.
What are the causes?
This condition is most commonly caused by a blocked coronary artery. A coronary artery can become blocked from a gradual buildup of cholesterol, fat, and plaque. A blood clot can form over the plaque and
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In this procedure, the coronary artery is opened and a small piece of metal that looks like a coil or spring (stent) is placed to keep the artery open.
Coronary artery bypass grafting. In this procedure, a section of blood vessel from another part of the body is removed and then inserted where it will allow blood to go around (bypass) the blocked part of the coronary artery.
Cardiac rehabilitation. This is a program that helps improve your health and well-being. It includes exercise training, education, and counseling to help you recover.
Follow these instructions at home:
Exercise regularly. Ask your health care provider about participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program that helps you start exercising safely after a heart attack.
Eat a heart-healthy diet. Work with a dietitian to learn healthy eating habits.
Work with your health care provider to manage other medical conditions you have, such as diabetes.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Monitor your blood pressure (BP) as directed by your health care provider. Learn what your goal BP is, and take steps to meet that goal.
Lower your stress level. Techniques for coping with stress

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