Essay On Heartburn During Pregnancy

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10 Amazing Ways to Treat Heartburn during Pregnancy
Heartburn can be an annoying problem which brings your pregnancy close to a nightmare. CuriousMothers offers you several tips on how to cope with heartburn during pregnancy. Pregnancy should be the most joyous period of every woman’s life. However, once you get over the ‘morning sickness’ phase, you face yet another annoying issue- i.e. heartburn. Most of the pregnant women come across this irritating issue, which turns the food consumption from “I can’t wait to eat” into “I can barely touch my food”. But, once you accept your problem, you will certainly find the right way to soothe your heartburn, and we offer you several tips on how to do it.
What is Heartburn?
First, let’s start this off by emphasizing the fact that heartburn (even though it sounds extremely serious and scary) has nothing to do with the most important organ in our bodies- the
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How to Soothe Heartburn during Pregnancy?
Many pregnant women complain of severe heartburn during pregnancy, but even though sometimes you can’t treat it completely, you may soothe it, and you deserve to know the right ways. Here are some tips which can definitely help you if heartburn is ruining your good mood during your pregnancy.
• Keep your head up- It sounds like a motivational quote, but when it comes to heartburn, remember to lift the upper part of your body when you go to sleep. Sign a contract with the gravity, and put the reflux to sleep deep in your stomach. Elevating your chest and your head during sleeping proves an effective way to prevent the acid from going back up.
• Avoid eating before going to bed- Remember that food takes time to digest, and acid never rushes out right after your meal. So in order to secure a good night’s sleep, you should eat at least 2 or 3 hours before going to
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