Essay On Heartworm Disease

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Heartworm is a serious and potentially fatal disease that can be easily contracted by dogs if they’re not adequately protected. The veterinarians and professional staff at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital wants to ensure that dog owners in Kingman, AZ and the surrounding areas are well aware of the risks posed by heartworm. That way, they can make preventative efforts to protect their dogs from contracting the disease in the first place.

Before preventative heartworm medication can be administered, however, it’s important to first test for the disease. Dogs under seven months can be put on a heartworm preventative without having a test, but dogs over that age need to be tested prior to administering a preventative. The animal hospital staff recommends having dogs tested for heartworm annually, which can be completed during any routine visit.
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Since mosquitos can easily transmit the heartworm disease from an infected animal to pets, it’s essential to continue with routine testing at an animal clinic on a yearly basis.

Additionally, there are rarely any visible symptoms of heartworm during the early stages of the disease. The animal hospital, however, can test for heartworm even if the disease is in its infancy via a small blood sample. Because heartworm is a progressive disease, the odds for a complete recovery are greatest when it’s caught early on.

Together, yearly testing and monthly preventatives create the most powerful proactive approach to avoiding heartworm altogether in your dog. To have your dog tested and put on a heartworm preventative, you can make an appointment with Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital by calling (928) 757-8855. Or, visit the animal hospital’s website to learn more about all of their animal care
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