Essay On Helping The Homeless

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Jose Avitia
Celeste Sonnier
English 101
Helping the Homeless In the United States there are homeless people in every state and city. People look at homeless people as drug addicts, criminals, and as lazy people. Most of the homeless are regular people that had a tough time finding a job or lost their job. Majority of homeless people are just trying to find ways to earn some money. For a country that claims to be so strong and prosperous we have a little more than a million homeless people. American society is failing to support, and help the homeless. When people in the American society look at a homeless person they right away think that it’s by choice. Homeless people don’t want to be homeless, they want to work and earn money
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Instead the United States rather go start away somewhere else in the world because it doesn’t like the way people are being treated. Rather than trying to help other counties with their problems the Unites States should try and help itself. You have to look at yourself and make sure you’re okay before trying to help anyone else. Billions of dollars are spent on wars, wars that could have been avoided. The government isn’t spending their money the way they should. In the United States there are kids that go to sleep hungry; why is that happening if the United States is one of the strongest countries in the world. The people that pay taxes should choose where we as a nation spend our money, not just the top government officials. A lot of people will say that homeless people want to be homeless because they aren’t trying to get out of poverty. Well that’s not true, most homeless people want to get a job but can’t. To get a job you need to get interviewed and look clean, how is a homeless person supposed to be clean when living in the street. Our society makes it almost impossible for a homeless person to get a job. Others might say that the homeless aren’t using the programs available to them. That’s false because many of the programs that are available have limited positions open but not
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