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Question: How does the Tobago Heritage Festival influence the culture of Tobago? The Tobago Heritage Festival, first celebrated in 1987, is a living archive of Tobago cultural legacy and was initiated by anthropologist and native Tobagonian, Dr. J. D. Elder, who was at that time the Secretary of Culture in the Tobago House of assembly. This heritage festival is an annual event, held from mid-July to early August, that was created to preserve the unique cultural traditions of the island. During its opening year, five villages participated: Bucco to the West, Charlottesville and Roxborough to the East, Moriah to the North and Les Coteaux located in Central Tobago and are still evident in their portrayals now. Each community highlights their own unique cultural elements such as folksongs, food, dance, myths, and drama. Throughout the entire Heritage period, visitors and residents can visit the many…show more content…
The woman in society is always seen as a bounty of resource and industry. Often, they succeed under the most adverse of conditions and have consistently done so from the times of slavery to present day. Women triumph each day in their daily lives as parents, providers and cornerstones of society and admittedly are the means via which most of the cherished elements of heritage is transmitted. The Ms. Heritage Personality element of the Tobago Heritage Festival seeks to bring to the spotlight the women in our society and the contributions that they have made to the community. It is more than just a mere beauty pageant, indeed it seeks to emphasize that the woman is complete in her beauty and her talent - for industry, for craft and for her elegance. There is also a special place for Heritage in the hearts of many nationals, Tobagonians especially, since children are encouraged to participate amongst their peers in many aspects of the
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