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Did you know that Hernan Cortes had a huge impact to the world? Hernan Cortes was born in 1485 in the kingdom of Castile in the city of Medellin. His profession is being a conquistador, which means soldiers and explorers of the Spanish Empire or the Portuguese Empire in a general sense. His most historical contribution is leading a exhibition that caused the fall of the Aztec empire. And lastly, the world would be different without him.

His full name is Hernando Cortes Pizarro in Spanish. He was born in the kingdom of Castile in Medellin in 1485. He had a upper class family even though his parents weren 't wealthy. He was the family 's only son and he was sick as a child. He had an affair with a local girl once. He was climbing a wall to get to her apartment, and the wall broke and left him crashing down, buried under the rubble and stuck in his bed until after his ship departed. he was elected captain of the third expedition to the mainland, an expedition which
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He became allies with some of the native people he met, but he used deadly force with others to conquer mexico. He fought cholula warriors and tlaxcalan and then focused on taking over the aztec empire. He marched to Tenochtitlan, which is the aztec capital and home to ruler Montezuma II. He took Montezuma hostage and had his soldiers mob the city. He then ditched the city after finding out that spanish troops were coming to arrest him for disobeying the orders that were give to him. After he faced off the spanish forces, he returned to tenochtitlan to find a rebellion in progress. After a battle in Otumba, they reached Tlaxcala, where they lost 870 men. “With the assistance of their allies, Cortes’s men finally prevailed with reinforcements arriving from Cuba.” Cortes began a policy of attrition towards Tenochtitlan, subduing the Aztecs ' allied cities. The siege of Tenochtitlán ended with Spanish victory and the destruction of the
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