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”...Heroism has a lot to do with evolving into a higher human being.”According to Oliver Stone in, ”Where I Can Find My Heroes” ,but does Odysseus meet the criteria of being a real hero? Odysseus is on a 20 year journey, 10 years fighting in the Trojan War and the other 10 years trying to get back to his kingdom Ithaca. In “The Odyssey”, Odysseus is a hero because of his swift thinking in the Trojan War and his encounter with the Cyclops. To begin with, Odysseus had a huge impact of the Trojan War. To get into the city of Troy, Odysseus came up with the plan of the Trojan Horse which got them into the city and caught the city’s soldiers off guard. This concept makes Odysseus a hero because it helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. On the quest back home Odysseus and his men encounter the Cyclops and get trapped inside of his cave. Odysseus then comes up with a strategy to get the Cyclops drunk, then uses his resources and builds a spear that he uses to blind the Cyclops enabling them to escape. This is heroic because he devised a plan that would cause the least amount of his men to die. To conclude, Odysseus was a hero because of his quick thinking and good decision making.…show more content…
He is not a hero because of what he did to the suitors. The suitors were the people that wanted to replace him as the new king of Ithaca and take his wife. Odysseus knew that they were after his kingdom so he wanted to stop them. Once he found out that they were trying to kill his son and basically destroy his kingdom he spent his whole life making. He decided to trap them all without any weapons and kill them all. This is not a heroic trait because not all of the suitors were bad and wanted to destroy his kingdom, so he shouldn’t of had killed all of them. In conclusion, Odysseus had many flaws that could stop him from being a

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