Essay On Heteronormativity

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world in which women are hyper-sexualised just because their higher melanin count, a world where men are marked as the leaders of the sexual world, a world where the minute you are born your future is determined because of your genitalia. This world is our world dictated and defined by the marginalised and nonsensical rules that fall under heteronormativity. In this essay I will be discussing what heteronormativity is and how it influences everyday life with close analysis of Nadine Sanger’s article “Scrips of Western Heteronormativity”. Heteronormativity is a social construct that has been intersectionally developed and institutionalised through the rigid binaries the media, culture and religion have created. Heteronormativity deems heterosexuality to be the only sexual orientation possible. This binary system implies that there are only two separate genders and they should be attracted to one another. By using social media’s power, society has introduced the belittled woman and the strong, courageous man who have become the norms and are seen as some goal to acquire. (Sanger, 7)…show more content…
The filters warp your face into the ‘ideal’ beauty. A specific one narrows your face, enlarges your eyes, tints your eyes blue and whitens your skin and teeth, i.e. completely changing your face. This filter hides its obvious demeaning and racist idea by placing a simple flower crown on your head which then makes women feel that they aren’t completely altering their face but rather becoming a different character. The fact that women have to portray a different character in order to be able to post on social media justifies the idea that being women aren’t enough. In the heteronormative mind frame being white and narrow faced is deemed the epitome of beauty. I am out of that heteronormative yardstick and so are many other girls, so are we meant to feel forced into the heteronormativity? (Matenbeni ,
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