Essay On High School Dropouts

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or graduate from high school: factors associated with individual characteristics of students, and factors associated with the institutional characteristics of their families, schools, and communities. Cecilia E. Rouse (2010) in his research pointed out that there are a number of reasons. One is economic. Dropping out of school is costly both for dropouts themselves and for society as a whole. First, Dropouts have difficulty finding jobs. Government data show that only 31 % of students who dropped out of school in the 2009– 10 school year Were employed the following October. America’s recent economic recession has been particularly hard on dropouts: in December 2010 only 44 % of high school dropouts sixteen to twenty- four years of age were…show more content…
R. Belfield and H. M. Levin (Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2007) estimates that if dropouts who completed high school attended college at rates similar to those of high school graduates, the difference would exceed $550,000.) The results of drop out for a student of high school can be severe and can have lasting social and individual and effects. High school dropouts are found to work at low paying jobs earning less than $13,000 per year. The high cost of high school dropouts is not only the problem of the individual. The cost of social services, lost wages and taxes alone is $250 million in the United States. 53 % of welfare recipients, 82% of the prisoners, and 85% of justice cases are high school…show more content…
11-12), the basic principle of the inclusive school is that learning should be done by all children together, if possible, in spite of any differences or difficulties may have. Inclusive schools have to know and act in response to the various needs of their students, accepting both different styles and rates of learning and ensuring quality education to all through suitable curriculum, organizational planning, teaching techniques and strategies, partnerships with their communities and resource use. There should be a continuum of support and services to match the continuum of special needs encountered in every
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