Essay On High School Drug Testing

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Middle and High School Drug Testing
Every student has the urge to be cool at their school, “ I just want to be noticed” says the girl that sits in the left-hand corner of eighth-period math class. Drugs and alcohol have become a big problem in schools around the country. Over 570,000 people die of overdoses and alcohol poisoning every year and nearly nine out of ten people started addicting drugs before they were eighteen. Although drug testing is not necessary for all students, it should be mandatory for all middle and high school students, because early detection of drug usage will increase academic success, aid in resisting peer pressure, and allow for early intervention.
The opposing side may say drug testing causes distractions in class; however, it can
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“ It’s an easy reason to say no” (Drug Testing, Juneaempire) says Erik Phill. Peer pressure is a huge reason students do drugs, a simple solution is random drug tests. This will cause students to think twice before taking. In middle schools and high schools all around the world, teens feel the pressure of society. The most common pressure is fitting in” or wanting to be cool.¨ This directs kids to make the wrong choice, a choice made from desire. ¨Peer pressure among young people can be a powerful and persuasive force. Knowing they may have to submit to a drug test can help kids overcome the pressure to take drugs. (Student Drug Testing Prevents Against Drug Abuse, Michigan Library)¨ If students are aware of randomized drug tests that their schools provide, they are less likely to take the drugs being ¨pushed¨ towards them. It is a simple step that can improve the lives of students everywhere. Peer Pressure is a hard thing to turn down for most, but if teens know they can get caught at any given point, they will be able to overcome
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