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Today, high school sports can be overlooked and seen as less important. However
High school athletics create a safe environment for kids to become healthier and happier human beings. The life skills learned from participating in sports allows for better overall life performance. Participating in sports encourages better academic activity, establishes better time management and life skills, and promotes better physical health.

Sports encourage better activity in the classroom. According to Regina Whitmer, high school athletes ¨have higher grades, better attendance, lower dropout rates, and fewer discipline problems than their peers¨ (Whitmer). At most schools, there is an academic requirement in order to participate in a sport. At some schools,
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In 2012, Downs and Johnson published ¨Vigorous physical activity, sports participation, and athletic identity,¨ which explores the physical outcomes of sports. Their study concluded that ¨participants who were rated as continually active reported significantly higher frequencies of general wellness behaviors, ate significantly more healthy foods and spent significantly less time using electronics when compared to the less active participants¨ (Johnson, Downs). The participation in sports creates a higher need and want to become healthier. Students choose to eat healthier in order to perform better. Athletes are more likely to choose the healthier option when presented with two choices of varying nutritious options. This choice alone can make a large impact on life in general. Along with eating better, student-athletes also have a ¨significantly higher frequency of general wellness behavior when compared to their currently inactive peers¨ (Johnson, Downs). Dozens of study have proven that exercise improves both one's physical health but also one's mental health as

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