Essay On High School Sports Should Be Banned

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Argument Essay Template In Euclid, Ohio a young high school football player known as Andre Jackson passed away after taking a hit to his abdomen. High school sports are a huge risk for children’s health because of all the injuries the sports can cause. Injuries at such a young age are very bad for children’s development. High-school sports should be banned from every school because they can cause injuries, and the cost to run these sports at schools is unbelievably expensive. High school sports can instigate many injuries. For example, “Almost 1.4 million children went to emergency rooms in 2012 because of sports-related injuries” (Source 1). This many children going into the hospital because of sports is insane! A school should be a safe atmosphere and not a place where they encourage you to go out and play sports that could injure children. According to Eli Segall, “Almost a quarter-million children suffered concussions or other sports related traumatic brain injuries in 2009, the most recent year for data there are data available” (Source 1). Very young athletes normally can recuperate from brain injuries in a couple weeks, but some take years to disappear. Without sports in schools there would be an enormous change in the amount of these terrible head injuries. Therefore, schools should ban sports because of how many injuries they cause.…show more content…
Others say that the leadership skills that children develop playing sports will help them later in life. While children may achieve these skills that help them later in life, in schools they will have a chance to achieve much more important skills without the risk of getting hurt. For example, in schools children can master skills in math, science, literature, and much more. Even though children can benefit from sports, the pros of these games are outweighed by the
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