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Hip Hop and rap are a music genre consisting of a styled rhythm music that commonly accompanied by rap. Rap is a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted, during rap artists usually speak about society, what wrong, or what bothering the individual. Hip-Hop and rap started in The Bronx, New York by among African American youths that as well resided in the city. However, as music and more artists started coming out becoming fairly known the expansion and genre of what we call hip hop and rap expanded and many started getting influenced by the words that artists sung and begin following dreams of their own in becoming artists. On May 7th I attended Buffalo State College Spring Fest concert at the sports arena. The performer s was K-camp an…show more content…
K-Camp and Future, although they are Hip-Hop and Rap artists some would think their songs are hardcore and rough. However, some of the songs were slow and mellowed the crowd all listened and sang along to the lyrics. Other songs were hardcore and rough putting; it spoke about violence and assault. It put some individuals into a mood that also caused a couple of fights to happen there and then. However, it was stopped immediately by different security guards who were at the concert to stop it. I believe that other than just singing great music it is the interaction that artists have to build with audiences that really makes them great. Future, K-Camp and Luke Christopher who was only able to sing two of his songs that would be in his album made sure to interact with the audience and vibe with them by holding their hand, telling them to sing along with him and asking if we were having a good time. My overall experience at the concert was amazing. I would have not wanted it another way. It was a great way to end the school year and actually see how artists are in concerts and how they use their voice as an instrument to be a productive singer to the audience from all the way in the

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