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Is hip-hop just a euphemism for a new religion?
The soul music of the slaves that the youth is missing.
-Kanye West, Gorgeous

The music genre of hip-hop serves an important role outside of pop culture; hip-hop is an influential and relevant part of American society. Hip-hop, which includes rap as a subgenre, has emerged as a predominant authority in mainstream pop culture. The initial impact of hip-hop on America is evident through mediums like music, clothing, and advertising. Having that strong presence in mainstream pop culture led hip-hop to become an important part of American society, both socially and politically. Hip-hop emerged from and embraces Black America, which provides Black Americans with a sense of pride and glory after
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This empowerment gives Black America a voice and a role in society. Despite negative themes in the lyrics of hip-hop, it still remains a positive aspect of America through its empowerment. Hip-hop goes beyond the music; in fact, Hip-hop grew to become a defining aspect of America.
Hip-hop is the single defining aspect of Black American culture. However, due to the often negative images associated with hip-hop, its societal influence and importance can often be overlooked. Hip-hop is an artform; art is always up for interpretation, and hip-hop is no exception. However, in order to for art to properly understood, the historical and societal context of the artform must be examined. Hip-hop culture, which serves as a symbolic representation for underrepresented groups, primarily young, urban, poor black people, has historical and cultural context to why it is the way it is (Blanchard). Anthropologist Becky Blanchard explained, “Rappers are viewed as the voice of the poor, urban African-American youth, whose lives are generally dismissed or misrepresented by the mainstream media,” (Blanchard). The largely overlooked parts of our generation are represented by hip-hop, and that
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