Essay On Hipster Sexism

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Urban hipsters are distinguishable through their aim of uniqueness and their anti conformist culture. However, their aim of trying to be unique or different ultimately leads to them being perceived as all the same as they follow the same trends, this is known or referred to as the ‘hipster paradox’. This means that their efforts of not conforming to modern society’s ideologies causes them to conform to their own non-conformity. Urban hipsters are identifiable in Australia by their aesthetics, their ideologies and anti-conformity behaviour towards the government and society. Similar to the original purpose of the sub-cultures formation, urban hipsters to this day refuse to conform to societal norms and constantly challenge the government’s way of managing society.…show more content…
Alissa Quart from New York magazine defines hipster sexism as “the objectification of women but in a manner that uses mockery, quotation marks, and paradox.”. Additionally, hipster sexism is associated with the use of irony and satire to suppress women. Although, a majority of hipster males and females claim to be feminists, hipster sexism is ironically prevalent in the sub-culture. Hipster sexism is ironic because hipster sexism is usually done by those who “should know better” or those who identify as a feminists and politically progressive people who would condone classic sexism. Hipster sexism is commonly executed with a sexist insult but in a funny way making it seem as if sexism is acceptable because “its just a joke” which is different from classic sexism in which someone may say that being raped is the victim’s fault. Hipster sexism thrives on the idea that no one thinks like a real sexist anymore, therefor sexist jokes are tolerable. Overall, hipster realise that hipster sexism is a problem because sexism matters in any shape or form and it should be dealt
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