Essay On Hispanics In America

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What does it mean to be Hispanic in America? By Ishita Mishra When you look at a large mass of people, a large portion of them are Hispanic. Hispanics are all over America, but sometimes aren’t treated as equals. In fact, many Hispanic figures have helped shape America into the country that it is today. In America, Hispanics can face many struggles such as immigration issues, education problems unemployment and stereotypes. How on earth have they dealt with these issues you might wonder? Life for Hispanics has been hard, and they deserved to be recognized for enduring so much pain and difficulty. The immigration issue starts around the 1890’s when new industries in the U.S. Southwest (like mining and agriculture) attracted Mexicans laborers…show more content…
Many Hispanic students begin schooling without the proper resources that many other students receive, and schools are often not equipped to compensate for these initial problems. For Hispanics, initial disadvantages often come from parents ' immigrant status and their lack of knowledge about the U.S. education system. As Hispanic students go through the schooling system, the lack school resources and their weak relationships with their teachers continue to undermine their academic success. Initial disadvantages continue to add up, resulting in Hispanics having the lowest rates of high school and college degree achievement, which hinders their chances for stable employment. The situation of Hispanic educational attainment is cause for national concern. Sometimes, immigrants will have to pay extra on their college fee due to their status. The language barrier seems to place immigrant students at a huge disadvantage compared with Americans and whites. Another problem may be how teachers understand and see what Hispanic children are capable of. According to, Hispanic students entering kindergarten were rated lower than white students by their teachers, regardless of their academic ability. This proves that Hispanic kids can face a lot of struggles in
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