Luther Movie Analysis

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When watching a historical movie, one must be critical of the accuracy. The closer the source material is to the actual origin, the bigger the chance is that the source is reliable. Seeing that Martin Luther lived 500 years ago, it makes it hard for us to know exactly how accurate the portrayal of him in the German film Luther (made in 2003) really is, but there are a lot of different sources which say the same thing. Based on this, we can come to the conclusion that the events in the movie are true to the actual events in real life. Although it isn’t entirely accurate, the actual historical inaccuracies are minor. Adapting any true story into movie form requires compromises and the all inaccuracies are so small they don’t impact the credibility…show more content…
Some of these cases could be whether or not Ulrick ever actually existed, if Hanna was a real person, or the amount of children the pope had. These details are most likely added, or left out for dramatic purposes or because it is irrelevant to Luther’s story. The people who watch it for entertainment aren’t really interested in how true to life it actually is, so historical accuracy isn’t that big of a deal for most. The movie Luther had a cast consisting of serious, well known and award-winning actors and they released it to theatres. This tells us that they wanted it to be shown to the general audience, and not only in church halls. They wouldn’t spend so much money on hiring such respected actors if they only wanted to show it to Christians in church halls. Knowing that this was meant for the general audience, we can also be sure that some of the details have been exaggerated and it has most likely been paced up a bit to not make it too long of a…show more content…
This gives us the impression that things happened more rapidly than they did in real life, when they in fact covered almost three decades. This is most likely done to increase the drama by compressing the timeline. The main point of this movie is still to entertain and maybe teach people about what I personally think is a very interesting story. It is still reasonably accurate in general given the constraint of adapting reality to a two-hour film format. I believe this makes the film Luther a useful source for learning about the Lutheran reformation, but it shouldn’t be the only source about
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