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Advertising is a part of our daily lives. To realize this fact, you only have to count the television and radio commercials you see and hear in one day, or leaf through the pages of a magazine or newspaper. Companies are always coming up with new products for consumers, and to retain their attention to these products it’s done through advertising. According to the article entitled “A Brief History of Advertising” by the OpenLearn team they, explain how advertising has changed over the years. “In 1477 William Caxton printed what could be described as Britain’s first advert, for a book called The Pyes of Salisbury. But advertising goes back much earlier than Caxton’s days; almost certainly it emerged alongside trading. From simply displaying ones wares outside, to painting murals to entice customers, the roots of advertising run deep. Actual examples have been found preserved in volcanic ash amongst Pompeii’s ruins. As advertising runs parallel with consumer society it isn’t really surprising that the industrial revolution, late in the 18th century, marked an expansion in advertising. Advertising started to become a serious business and it…show more content…
Advertiser’s main goal is to create a specific need within individuals and make them believe that they will not be completely satisfied unless they purchase the advertised product. This can make certain people feel insecure about their lives. According to Ms. Khin Aye Cho in the article entitled “advertisements: pros and cons” advertisements for home cleaning products has a tendency to subconsciously persuade females that they become ideal wives and mothers only if they use these products. Some individuals are really influenced by advertisements and believe that they will be perfect when they buy these products, but when this doesn’t happen it could make them less confident and dissatisfied by who they

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