Essay On Hitler's Impact On History

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Essay Question Part One: What leader that was studied in this course impacted history the most? During this course, I honestly believe Adolf Hitler impacted history the most. Hitler’s impact during the Western history was a combination of good and bad. Hitler opened the eyes of many countries on what discrimination and genocide was from different prospective. Even though it is something that had been happening for many years, I feel like it was “ignored” until Hitler arrived. He brought together countries that were fighting one another during World War I, so they can defeat him. He took dictatorship and communist to another level, allowing people to see it on a different spectrum. Hitler ultimately paved a way for politics and how countries…show more content…
Religion has always played a part of history in some form of way. For example, in the early 1600s there were wars and difference because of the way people practiced their religion and when new religions started to form and evolve. Many people did not like it because it was “foreign” to them. I noticed throughout the course that many people did not like “new” or did not like when people and culture started to evolve. It was seen as different or people being disobedient to their higher power, especially within the Roman Catholic society. Religion is something that will more than likely no disappear. However, it can and will be altered to fit the “today’s society”. Looking back on Adolf Hitler and Germany treated the Jewish population at the time. If you were Jewish, you were like scum to them. Although it was much deeper than religion and more about power, it just goes to show some people at any given time will not accept religion. For example, in today’s society some people are afraid of the Islamic religion because of the extremists. Looking deeper into the issue, the western has been having a religion problem for decades. This is why religion has been important in history because of how people react to those that believe differently. Society in the western, has been many wars and has had conflicts due to the fact they some leaders, people, and countries do not
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