Essay On Hitler's Speech And Persuasivenness

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Ill be talking in this essay about how hitler’s speech and persuasiveness in general effect Germany and effect the people. how he used different ways to gain trust of the people of Germany and trick them at the end, ill be talking about how he tricked them about hating the jews cause they needed the money. it all started 95 years on February 1920, Hitler became the leader of the nazi party platform to a large, had a large crowd Munich, which is also known as the foundation of Naziism. In that speech hitler gave promises and gave the people this idea that he’s going to be a great leader he gave his aims and goals and gave promises and he’ll fulfill in the future, this gave the people of Germany hope that Germany will succeed not like how it fell in the last war. Hitler became taking out all People who would be his competitor in politics as he eliminated all competition he became the leader of the pack he started all the speech which cause the people to be brainwashed by his words he controlled a country and brought it down to his knees by just words this is not no easy task, in history there isn’t a lot of people who an do that. The man made promises to gain trust of the nations to trick them that he is a man you can trust. At the beginning he started spreading propaganda all upon Germany, he used persuasiveness to make the nazi party gain…show more content…
HIs inspirational ability, made him convince and inspire a nation and wreck havoc on the whole of Europe. Many historians regard Hitler as the person responsible of WW2, After Hitler Committed Suicide and Germany lost the war. Families separated and the whole country went down on its knees. this shows that the death of a leader can cause chaos and wreck havoc on a country. The man was very inspired nation by his speech. Hitler used his persuasive techniques also when Germany was about to loss the war he gave them a speech that Germany will always stand

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