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Hmong birth practices are very interesting and very different from American culture. Their births are usually at home and sometimes the woman is alone. Women labor in silence and catch their own babies as they are being delivered. Mrs. Lee delivered all of her babies by herself before coming to America. In The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down after birth practices are also different. Hmong families will bury the placenta below the home after delivery with the smooth side facing upward. If a woman is unable to give birth in her home or a family member’s home an evil spirit, also called a dab, may injure her. American births traditionally take place in the hospital. Although, home births are starting to become a growing trend in American these births are almost always assisted by a midwife.…show more content…
After being born, American babies are taken immediately from the mother to be cleaned and have tests ran on them. While the mother pushes the placenta out which is typically destroyed. Although. Lia was born in an American hospital, her parents’ wishes were not granted due to the language barrier between them and the doctors. Personally I do believe that the Hmong women are very strong and brave to go through the birthing process alone and not to mention in complete silence. However I do believe the practices with the placenta are a bit peculiar, but who am I to judge it may stand true since Lia was the only one out her siblings to have any complications growing up.
When Lia was taken away from her parents that was a tear jerking moment. Ultimately, I have mixed emotions about if it was the right decision to take Lia away. Dr. Neil, saw his job as to practice good medicine. The Lee’s job was to obey. Lack of agreement constituted child endangerment, which is a form of child mistreatment. Although, he had deferred calling Child Protection services for as long time, Neil finally decided

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