Essay On Hockey History

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The NHL has seen its share of magical moments since 1917, when the league was founded. It was clear that these moments were going to make history as they were happening, whether we're talking about a team that won the Stanley Cup after several decades or about Wayne Gretzky's pass to Gordie Howe to achieve the most scored goals. Some of these events didn't seem big at their time, but as history sowed us, they were moments that changed the game in important ways. Here is a look at the 5 best moments in NHL history, the ones that remind us why we love hockey. 5. The first two women inducted into the Hall of Fame The Hockey Hall of Fame surprised everyone and inducted in 2010 its first two women, more precisely Canada's Angelea James and USA's…show more content…
He is one of the first players that went on to be inducted into the Hockey Wall of Fame when it was founded in 1945. Unfortunately, this star died young, at the age of 26. Despite dying at such a young age, Baker left an inspiring image for people everywhere to follow. He enrolled at Princeton University where he excelled on the hockey and football teams, he played for three national championship teams in both hockey and football and he became commander of the 141st Aero Squadron while he served in the U.S. Army during World War I. Unfortunately, in December 1918 he died while test-piloting a plane that…show more content…
A team formed of college kids represented the U.S. at the 1980 Olympics. They seemingly did not stand a chance against the Soviet team. Led by their ambitious coach, Herb Brooks, the team was able to overcome a 3-2 deficit in the third period and they defeated their Cold War rivals. Mike Eruzione scored the winning goal. He never played in an NHL game before, which makes the victory even more miraculous. After defeating the Soviets, the "little engine that could" went on to face Finland for the gold medal. In the final game, they overcame a 2-1 deficit facing Finland and defeated them with the amazing score of 4-2. This team wasn't given much chance, but they won against all odds and made
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