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Holden v. society … Who is the real problem? Holden Caulfield is a 17 year old boy that is narrating the whole book from a mental hospital. He gets kicked out of Pency Prep, and begins his story about his trip through the big apple. Holden seems to be a lost seed and he struggles to make it day by day. As the story goes on Holden meets new people and he gets a taste of what the real world is. Holden is a struggling boy that has many problems, but he likes to run away from them instead of facing them. His home life wasn't really there, because he got cast out of three schools prior to his expulsion from Pency. The main idea of the book is growing up, but it's ironic that Holden did not grow up at all. Holden would run and hide from all of his problems. His school work was done poorly and rather than facing his mistakes he would just take the “F”. Pency is a very prestigious school with very bright students unlike Holden . Holden said to his professor “look, sir. Don't worry about me.” He said that in response to his…show more content…
He doesn't really think about his actions. He got into a fist fight with with Stradlater over a girl. He got mad because he liked her and Stradlater wasn't treating her the right way. Holden goes to a bar one night and gets plastered. He got so drunk he tried talking to every person in the joint. Then he goes to the bathroom and splashes water on his face to try and sober up. Eventho that doesn't do anything to you. Later in the book he meets a “pimp” and he fell into the pressure and asked him to send a girl to his room. When he gets into his room, he thinks of crowding out. When the girl gets to his room they talk and talk and talk. Holden arranged a price with the “pimp” and when she asked for more money, he said no and told her to leave. A few moments later the pimp and the girl go into his room and take their money but holden puts up a fight and loses. Those are just more reasons to show he is still

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