Holi Festival Essay

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Assignment 2 - Holi Festival Experience

My face was dappled with a kaleidoscope of colours – mix of indigo, scarlet and magenta. Reminiscing about the vibrant colours that filled the air brought back a flood of memories that I will never forget. Delhi and the Holi festival of colours was a mesmerising and euphoric experience. The energy of the laughter, the excitement of the people and the lustrous colours brought unparalleled vitality and life to the city of Delhi.
The Holi festival of colours celebrates the arrival of spring. This festival begins with the lighting of the bonfire on the Holi eve and the explosion of colours the next day. Prior to travelling to India, I always held the preconception that India was shaped by the concepts of social class and status. I did not know what to expect, but after taking part in the festival, I learned about the profound meanings of this celebration and was completely immersed in the experience.
This was my first time in India. From the moment I stepped into the country, I saw how captivating and thriving the culture is. Coloured powder of every hue flooded the markets and shops, ready for the day of “Dhuleti”, which is the day on which the play of colour takes place. Whilst the people built their bonfires, I set off to wander the streets alone and to visit
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On the eve of Holi, the “Holika Dahan” takes place and on this day, people burn away their bad habits to renew their faith. Worshippers sang, chanted and danced as the devil-minded sister of demon King Hiranyakashyap is placed in the wood and burnt. The chanting of "holi hai, holi hai" was refreshing and the beat and pace of the chants rejuvenated me. The density of the smoke that surrounded me intensified the already hot and heavy atmosphere. Despite the heat, I felt refreshed as the blazing bonfire illuminated the air and blades of fire lit up the
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