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Become a Thrifty Tourist: Saving Money on Holiday Travel

In order to have more opportunities to travel in the future, you need to at least minimise your spending and save more during holiday excursions. Let’s not kid ourselves: traveling is expensive, no matter where you are going. Anyway, we’ve compiled a few tips that can help you reduce expenses and help you have enough funds for your next trip.

Budget and Lists

Although you may not end up following every entry or guideline on your list, it pays to have a structure. Budgeting gives you a concrete amount of money you can spend, making you more wary of your bank account’s entries. With it, you will be thinking twice before spending four figures on a 5-star hotel when there are respectable
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Doing so will help you quell the urge of buying new ones. For example, if you’re going hiking, be sure to pack your hiking clothes and gear. Be sure to also bring along your swimming attire and even a business one if you’re planning to head over to an establishment that requires it. Buying new clothes abroad can burn a hole on your wallet and can be cumbersome trip back home.

Medicine, Medicine

Finally, bring medicine, even those that you don’t think you would need. Why? Well, what may be considered over-the-counter drugs in your country may need a doctor’s prescription abroad. Consulting a healthcare professional may require you to shell out a certain amount. Moreover, drug prices vary abroad and they can be a slap on your cheek, ruining your budget plan.

Overall, being a thrifty tourist takes a lot of discipline. Regardless, saving money is easily doable with a budget plan and checklist. Next, withdraw the money you need back at home and be sure to talk to your bank beforehand if you’re using your credit card. Moreover, pack a bottle of water wherever you go and eat at the right places. In addition, bring the clothes that are in line with your itinerary and finally, bring the essential medicines, even the ones you don’t
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