Essay On Holistic Education

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Bhargava and Pathy (2011) stated that education in holistic approach will serve many purposes. It will empower a person to broaden his family and society. Through holistic education, it will ignite individual with the responsibility of developing and maintaining a just socioeconomic system, conserving and transmitting human heritage, take up a sensible and sensitive approach towards utilization of resources. Therefore, a teacher serves as the prime mover of the educational system while learner as the key participants in the learning process.
Manlongat (2010) added that the teacher is the main facilitator of education. The teaching performances are important to the attainment of the goals of education and ultimately to the achievement of student’s learning objective. Furthermore, Lalas (2011) stated that some educators keep on searching for the best means and ways of giving assistance to both teachers and the learner, especially in the teaching and learning processes in order to facilitate the progression and innovations of effective teaching introduced in the field and to upgrade the teacher competencies. Thus, the teacher should be trained to present lessons in varied ways and employ different methods to meet the needs of the learner. Among these are: using music, cooperative learning art activities,
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In line with this, Alcodia (2012) stated that one does not need to be a music major in order to teach music and movement to young children. She strongly emphasized that teachers should keep themselves abreast to be familiarized with the modern approaches in teaching music. The paraxial approach emphasizes that humans must be engaged in the creation of music to understand it. That is, learning by doing, meaning, the more individual engaged in music the more he values and understands
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