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Nursing is all about the care of the ill persons as well provision preventive health care to well persons from different walks of life. Holistic nursing, on the other hand, embraces all nursing practices with the goal of healing the whole person and settling all the concerns raised (Dossey and Keegan 5). The profession involves promoting health, stopping illness and taking care of the ill, the disabled as well as the close to death victims. Advocating for safe environs, investigating, contribution in coming up with health policy, the running of health systems as well as the education are also essential nursing roles (International Council of Nurses n.p). This paper looks into what is meant by holistic nursing.
Holistic nursing to me is a nursing practice that takes into consideration both
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Holistic nursing draws its principles from the relationship, caring, and the interconnectedness between the nurse and the patient. This kind of a nurse would integrate holistic healing into nursing practice. Nurses are trained to incorporate spirituality, self-responsibility, self-care, and reflections in their lives. A holistic nurse will be patient-centered and not geared towards the salary or just like any other profession. A holistic nurse is passionate about his or her job.
Sometime back, I was privileged to take care of a stroke patient. I was able to be there for him at his vulnerable time and encourage him to soldier on. I could help him get up, take him to sun baths, ensure he feeds as required and take care of all his immediate health needs and concerns. This experience made me realize I wanted to do the same for more people. I got a lot of gratification in doing so which triggered my interest in pursuing nursing. Holistic nursing involves the same. It is ensuring a patient is comfortable at all time irrespective of his or her
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