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The hollow earth theory or ‘hohlwelttheorie’ as it is called in German, is the idea that the Earth is not a solid mass but rather an entirely hollow sphere that within contains a substantial interior space. The idea goes back to ancient mythology, folklore, and legends of a subterranean land inside the Earth, from which places of origin and afterlife were thought to be located, such as the Christian hell described by Dante, the Greek underworld, the Hindu ‘Patala’, the Celtic ‘Cruachan’ just to name few, which in its majority were caves or holes that connected the outside Earth with its interior, from which strange creatures would emerge and be seen in the surface. However, the idea didn’t have any scientific credibility until 1962 when English…show more content…
Another one was the sightings of UFO’s coming out from the ocean, which was explained to have happened perhaps because the center of the Earth was populated by extraterrestrial beings, who from time to time emerge from the poles in spacecrafts, perhaps because in the 20th century Hohlwelttheorie was linked with the belief of aliens. Moreover, this theory has also been linked with conspiracies such as that the Nazi specially Hitler knew of an entrance to the interior world at the South Pole, and that Hitler next to other of his colleagues and friends fled there at the end of WWII. In that same wavelength the popular science fiction story “A journey to the Centre of the Earth” by French novelist Jules Verne (1828-1905) has given the theory its most lasting exposition starting in the late 19th century, in which he describes the discovery of a prehistoric world by explorer who went down a volcano to find out this interior world, that had its own source of light, water, and life was

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