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Hologram Applications



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Chapter 1: Introduction of Holographic Technology
1.1: What is Holography?
 Holography is a technology which enables a light field and generally the product of light source scattered off objects.
 The 3D image which is created by Holography technology is called Hologram.
 Holograms can be recorded and reconstructed by using various types of physical devices and laws of physics like reflection, refraction, etc.
1.2: How Hologram is recorded and reconstructed?
 A sole light source which is having the definite wavelength (i.e. Laser) is used to record the holograms.
 Generally, it is recorded in the
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By using holographic technology, one can create the holographic image of any substance/living being by using specific types of mirrors and glints.

2.2: Specular Holography
2.2.1: Introduction
 The most common and widely holography used in the arts field is Specular Holography.
 In this type of holography, using only geometric optics, it is possible to construct a holographic light field by equipping a 2D surface to control the bundle of rays it directionally reflect or refract.
 The field of rays is structured so that the exhibited scene is three-dimensional, or animated, or both.
2.2.2: The making of Specular Hologram
 For making the 3D illusion for many viewpoint, mirrors which are used should have a unique doubly curved shape. They provide single point depth illusion to a 90 range of viewpoint.
 Here are some typical mirrors shapes those are used:  The mirrors are very dark so that one can’t see this and human eye will concentrate on the glints (optics) only.
 Some special types of glints are hosted onto this 2d surface which should perceive the 3D view as the viewpoint or hologram

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