Holy Eucharist Essay

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I. Introduction Nowadays, youths are becoming too engaged with technologies and other social activities that they often forget to nourish their spiritual growth. Yet, youths are expected to become the “good soil” of the country, and bearing their responsibility to the society. In order to become one of the “good soils” one should be engage with church’s activity and participate with the Holy Eucharist to be spiritually involved with the society’s problem. The church and the Holy Eucharist will help the “good soil” sow, strengthen and amend them to nourish their spiritual growth to be aware and be involved with the society‘s dilemma. The research aims to inform that the church recognizes the young people to be the future adults of tomorrow but the reality of today. The research aims to remind the youth to be…show more content…
In today’s generation, the youth are too exposed to dramatic and stressful situations that they need spiritual guidance for them to continue their journey in life. They need to be involved in the Holy Eucharist for the fact that through Eucharistic celebration and church activities, youth will be guided, exposed to realities of our society and be enlightened of what really is the purpose of their lives. The research is not saying that the Holy Eucharist must be dominated by the youth but everyone is encourage to participate and be involved for it is a communal celebration of Jesus Christ’s salvation. Perhaps, the role of the youth is to preserve the Eucharistic celebration for the future generations. Hence, the youth is like a seed, to become a strong tree, the growth of the seed is nourished spiritually by being involved in the Holy Eucharist. III. The Eucharist: Influencing the youth to be involved in the society’s
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