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This research aims to discuss the translation of the Holy Quran from Arabic to different languages in different eras. It will go through different ages to find out the trials of translating the Holy Quran and if they really translated the Holy Quran literally or just translated the meanings of the words so the different kinds of translations for the Holy Quran will be raised here The problems that faced translating Holy Quran around the world also will be an objective for this study. In this research we are going to talk about the impact of internet on facilitating Holy Quran translation.
The Holy Quran is Allah's book and it is kept by Him till the doom day. In the present time while there are different and several ways of publishing so it has to be approved by a legal authority. There are also a lot of Muslims who are not speaking Arabic, so the need for
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Mohamed Mustafa El Maraghy the former Azhar Sheikh had made a study titled " A research in translating Holy Quran and its verdicts" and he approved this kind of translation in this research. In the same respect Mohamed Farid Wagdy made a research "the scientific evidences about the possibility of translating the meanings of Holy Quran into foreign languages and he approved and replied to those who reject. There are some big Islamic Symbols who also rejected translating Holy Quran, like Sheikh Mustafa Sabry who rejected in his book, "The issue of Translating Holy Quran". Sheikh Mohamed Soliman in his book the biggest event in Islam, trying to translate Holy Quran, he completely refused the translation of Quran. And there is a very important study about refusing the translation of Holy Quran made by Mohamed Al Hehiawy with the title " translating Holy Quran objective for politics and disorder in

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