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Aesthetics is very important to patients and it has received increased attention in latest years. a lot of people are more concerned about the esthetic look of the smile. This may be related to increase clinician’s attention to conservative and non-invasive treatments and enhancement of the modalities concerned with easthecics . The tooth colour is determined by a combination of the intrinsic colour and the extrinsic stains that may composed on the surface of the tooth.4,5. Intrinsic tooth colour is related to the light scattering and adsorption properties of the enamel and dentine, with the properties of dentine playing a major role in determining the overall tooth colour.6,7 Extrinsic stains may result from improper cleaning of the teeth and neglect the…show more content…
Patients perform home bleaching (HB) at home, usually with a ; it is typically customized tray filled with bleaching gel; it is typically administered after dinner or overnight for a week or two. administered after dinner or overnight for a week or two. The bleaching gel employed is typically carbamide peroxide (CP) with a concentration of 5-35% (2-5). In-office bleaching is clinically performed by dentists and does not involve wearing of bleaching trays. Treatment time is much shorter than HB, and in-office bleaching is completed in a single clinical visit. In-office bleaching uses a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide (HP) gel with a concentration ranging between 15% and 40%, which is often illuminated with a light source (6,7). Both aforementioned gel types break down into water, oxygen, and perhydroxyl anion. While HP gels begin this breakdown directly, CP gels must first be broken down into urea and HP. Despite the higher concentration of HP present in in-office bleaching systems, their effi- whitening toothpastes,

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