Essay On Home Computer Security

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Even though news stories are full of computer security concerns, home computer users do not have a clear image about computer security. Home computers are target for hackers because of their vulnerabilities. Hackers change home computers into what is know a Zombie army which facilities them to attack other computers on the network by using smart software. Moreover, Home computers are subject to other threats like identity theft. Therefore, this report focuses on the importance of Home Computer Security by shedding light on threats to them with tangible solution to these threats.

Home computer is the preferable target of hackers according to Symantec (computer Security Company) that 86 precent \cite{Hacker} of all attacks aim home computers. Home computers are targeted due to the user’s lack of basic information about how to secure their computers. Another
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Why is it important to secure home computer? What are the threats to home computer security?

Definition of Home Computer security

Home computer security is meant by securing the information and data that ordinary people have on their home computers. This data and information are everything that are on computers such as photos, documents and files, to name a few. The most popular use of home computer is sending emails, buying items online, paying bills etc.

Threats to Home Computer Security and solutions
There are many concerns about people's daily lives routine. It goes without saying that people look around before they cross the street, make sure if the stove is off before going out. In addition, having fire alarm is necessary in houses. Likewise computer security is a concern on people's lives and making sure if the computer is preforming correctly is important. Home Computer is subject to different threats that make them perform slowly. The following are the most dangerous threats to Home Computer.\cite{Home}

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