Compare And Contrast Essay On Home Food Vs Fast Food

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Cook Healthy Food at Home Vs Buy Fast Food at Restaurant
In today’s life most people prefer to eat fast food over home-cooked meals. We know that every people needs food for living. Instead of that, we should make a decision how the way we should find food. In modern life, right now we don’t need to hunting, fishing, farming, etc. because some people do that as their job. Now, we only choose the way to find food with cooking healthy food at home or buying fast food at restaurant. However, home-cooked meals are healthier than fast food because consuming fast food is not an ideal choice for us. For this reason I choose home-cooked meals because it has lots of benefit that come along with it.
Home-cooked meals is the food that you make at home by yourself. Home-cooked meals is healthier than fast food. Why? Because home-cooked meals has some advantage. First, home-cooked meals are healthy because you can control the ingredient that you want to eat. Preparing your own food is also more hygienic. When you cook your own food you can determine how much size of food that you want to eat, is it in big portion or small portion? It is up to you. I have an experience about fast food and home-cooked meals. When I was a kid my mom always bought fast food
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Although many people believe that fast food is more cheaper than home-cooked meals and ready made meal at fast food restaurant, this is not true. In fact, if you buy fast food at restaurant it is more expensive rather than you cook healthy food at home. Because when you buy fast food at restaurant you should pay taxes and service charges. Besides that, buying fast food have a risk of health problems such as obesity, diabetes and many diseases. Nevertheless, fast food are convenient with majority of the working class people who use these foods and would not prefer to spend of their time to preparing
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