Essay On Homeless Health

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The human body is a machine with a very complicated working mechanism. For a human being to be productive, his body should be in good shape and health. Therefore, health is a major determinant factor in our resourcefulness. All human beings are entitled to good healthcare. In a general perspective, healthcare is all about maintaining one’s health and improving the health of deteriorating bodies. However, there is a close relationship between healthcare and the homeless population, in that most of the homeless population does not have access to good healthcare.
According to a report by the National Coalition for the Homeless (2009), poor health is closely associated with homelessness. For instance, even if one belongs to the middle or lower class in society, a serious illness will lead to a financial downward spiral starting from losing one’s job due to a lot of time spent away from work, usage of one’s savings to pay for medical bills and this can lead to one being evicted from his/her house and one eventually ends up in the streets where the person will become vulnerable to infections and
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These include among others, cost, government policies, ignorance, poor infrastructure and psychological factors. Cost involves high cost of healthcare both on the individual side and the health care providers’ side. Government policies should be set up in a way that looks after the health of its citizens. The ignorance of the homeless population when it comes to their own health and their psychological challenges also acts as a hindrance to accessing healthcare. If these hurdles are adequately addressed, the homeless population will be able to access quality healthcare just like the other populations. Subsequent paragraphs will dig deeper into these factors trying to show how the health information system will rescue the current state of affairs in the health of the homeless
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