Essay On Homeless Population

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There are three major public health concerns that distinguish this population from the normative population, this population has greater social economic problems, health problem, and higher mortality rate in society. Let start examining this population health issues. One of the health issues this population experience is cognitive Impairment, due to unattended dementia, depression, or uncontrollable substance usage, these factors decrease elderly homeless cognitive abilities. This will prevent them from seeking assistance and making the right decision that will benefit them. They also suffer from other chronic illnesses that worsen or advance quickly due to lack of health assistance. “A number of these individuals have serious mental illness…show more content…
Also, unsafe living conditions in the streets; they are susceptible to physical abuse, theft, environmental condition changes, etc. “Studies show that elderly homeless persons are more prone to victimization and more likely to be ignored by law enforcement. In 2006, 27% of the homeless victims of violent crimes were between 50-59 years of age. Individuals 62 and older constituted only 2% of the country’s sheltered homeless population from February to April 2005, compared with 15% of the housed population.”(Nacional Coalition for the Homeless, 2009). The elderly homeless also faces social-economic problems, this population tend to have minimal or no monetary resource. Due to the lack of this resource they are exposed to malnutrition and they usually go days with no adequate meal to support their physical health. They may also, experience high-cost care, if not having the appropriate resources for medical treatment. In most cases, the elderly homeless has difficulties getting a job due to the following factors age, physical appearance, health condition or no reliability. This social economic problem contributes to the precarious condition they end up experiencing in
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