Essay On Homeless Veterans

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Homeless veterans need more help After all the things that homeless veterans have done for this country, they need more help. Many times, veterans will be seriously injured while in service. Whether it’s a physical or mental injury, they are serious. Secondly, sometimes in the military, women will be sexually assaulted which can lead to mental illnesses and cause them to be homeless when they come back home from the military. Lastly, many times veterans will have children that they have to come back to after their time in the military and if the parents get injured, that can affect the children significantly. Many times, a lot of veterans will be injured while they are in the military. First of all, a lot of times veterans will come back from the military and they will have mental disabilities such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety and if they experience something truly traumatic, those disabilities can be crippling. Secondly, some veterans will come back from war and if they were shot or experienced heavy damage to the head, they can have severe brain injuries and when they’re homeless and they don’t have much help, that can be horrible for the homeless veterans. Lastly, while veterans are fighting in wars, if they get shot or a grenade goes…show more content…
First of all, something that can be even worse for the kids is that they could have disabilities along with their parents such as ADHD and they can’t get proper treatment because of the lack of money. Also, their children still need food and water to survive and when their homeless with their parents because they got screwed up in the military, that can be a very hard thing for the kids to deal with. Lastly, the kids do not deserve the situation they’re in. They don’t deserve to be homeless just because their parents had to go to the military and after all the things the parents had to deal with, them and they’re kids need
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