Homeless Youth Stress Essay

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Around 1.6 million youth has been classified as suffering from homelessness under the age of 25 (Kimberly Bender, 380). The homeless community’s youth suffer from major health issues dealing with physical and mental challenges. These illnesses can cause a huge amount of stress. This can cause them to exchange their bodies for food, money, or even shelter. Being homeless and stressing during their street life can also lead them towards use of drugs such as marijuana or something to soothe their level of stress. Once a child goes through a harsh social condition of homelessness they are often seldom directed to service providers wanting to continue to live on their own instead of transitional houses or homeless shelters (Kimberly Bender, 380). One argument is to enforce the focus of youth dealing with homelessness, but from a youth’s perspective living in a strict homeless shelter seem to cause or make depression their worse (Andrea Krusi, 284). Homeless youth face several challenges including the lack of social support needed from a shelter, the life within a youth centered shelter,…show more content…
When focusing on homeless youth, it will be challenging due to the amount of stress and issues they are dealing with from living outside a stable household. A homeless shelter that primarily focuses on the youth has brought on a negative impact because of the lack of social support with the youth and the amount of rules and regulations that homeless child has to follow. Too many rules in a child-centered shelter could cause a homeless child that has been living on their own or a financially unstable household to leave the shelter and return to their previous lives. Usually a child that has grown up in the streets describes youth-centered shelters as being the worst of both worlds, lacking the social support they need and enforcing to many strict rules for them to follow (Andrea Krusi,
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