Essay On Homelessness In Kazakhstan

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Homelessness is result from painful set of incidents, that require person to choose between food , home , and necessities (National Coalition for the Homeless,2007). Homeless people are invisible in society, while most of people are unwilling to pay attention to them on the streets , parks or sidewalk. Homelessness in Kazakhstan became a great problem for decades and it has started in the period of Soviet Union. The homelessness turns into actual problem in this century and also has not gone unnoticed in Kazakhstan. The current number of homeless people in Kazakhstan are still unknown, but as it was mentioned in online newspaper Caravan (2011) the approximate number of homeless in Almaty city is ten thousands. This number of…show more content…
Especially in insufficient cities or villages, where no works and half of citizens lives in poverty . It is in government interest to reduce the number of homeless . In case that homeless people are also part of society and they are also influence on the outlook of republic . Problem also include, that government tried to solve this problem , by the way it was unsuccessful , in the case that they are unwishful to spend money for homeless people. The reason of these action, is that some people think , that homeless people do not deserve help , because they came in such condition by themselves. As a result homeless people have to live on streets , dumps , or wherever they can spend a night and not always such places can be permissible. Furthermore , nowadays it is not unusual to meet homeless people in surroundings, on the street and it is clarify that their number are growing . Due to the fact, that certain number of homeless people in Kazakhstan are unknown and there more reasons for their increasing , government should consider to solve this problem by providing housing assistance , create work places for them and to finance families , who at risk became

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