Essay On Homelessness

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During the recent years homelessness has increased eminently. Although homelessness is not a new phenomenon it has become a huge social issue in today’s society. In urban areas homelessness is visible by the masses but ignored by society’s negative perception. Characterized as unstable individuals, alcoholics and criminals by society, these negative stereotypes have only escalate the issue. Homeless can occur at any stage of life for multitude of factors. Disabled individuals, veterans and families are some of the demographic that is affected by homelessness. Physical ailments such as malnutrition, lack of hygiene, undiagnosed diseases and/or disorders can be detrimental. Mental disorders such as depression can develop due to the harsh circumstances of living on the streets. The lack of support, affordable housing and medical care that homeless individuals are receiving are prime examples of the need for compassionate and dedicated social workers to assist homeless individuals in regaining hope, purpose, and to evoke the strength within themselves. Living in shelters or public areas, homeless individuals are extremely resilience. On a daily basis homeless individuals must find new ways to survive to constantly changing …show more content…

Struggling previously in entering college, I have grown to be more focused and be confident in deciding a career. Learning about different theories and practice skills have enhanced my ability to work with clients. Currently I’m internship at AHRC Bronx TBI program have furthered my desire to want to gain more knowledge in the field. As an intern facilitating educational groups to traumatic brain injury individuals has been challenging while being rewarding. Observing the resilience of having a brain injury and the strength to continue after experience

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