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Chapter 1
Aphorism 1 and 2 says: The physician is aim is to restore the sick to health. Therefore to cure them. The ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health. This is somehow impossible in allopathic medicine, because they cannot cure some chronic disease. All they do is control the symptoms by giving the patient so many medications that causes life threatening side effects. Therefore homeopathy has to be considered as the best treatment to these kind of diseases.
A true cure
Cure is defined has the disappearance of the patient’s symptoms. However, homeopathy aims higher than this, it works from the very inner deep level (mental symptoms) to the outer level (physical symptoms). And in this way a generalised wellbeing is ensured.
Treating the whole person
Homeopathy does not treat the disease, it treat a patient
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Allopathy does not see the interactions of all part of the body as homeopathy does.
Homeopathy acknowledge the connection of mind and emotions, body and spirit. Therefore the right remedy stimulates the vital force to throw off any disease.
The microbe and the terrain
Diseases occurs when the microbe gain entry in the body. The patient is body then becomes a battleground between the germs and the toxic chemicals used to attack them.
Allopathic medicine sees the microbe as the enemy. It believes that the microbe is cause of disease. However Hahnemann said, we need some bacteria for our wellbeing. For examples, we need some bacteria in our gut to assist with digestion. Therefore he said, a microbe can cause a disease only when the body is susceptible to it.
Strengthening the vital force
Health is the balanced state of body, mind and spirit. Normal health and the harmonious vital force depends on a healthy lifestyle and the absence of a

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