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The “Homework Debate” has occurred since the beginning of compulsive education. Some argue that children benefit from homework and rote memorization. Others say that homework is redundant and takes away from precious time with family and friends. I believe that homework for elementary aged children should be banned, and the homework given for students in junior and senior high school should be drastically reduced. With the heavy workload, many students are not getting adequate sleep, causing them to miss out on important topics taught the next day in class. Also, the high amount of homework prevents children from spending meaningful time with family and friends. Additionally, after students have been sitting in their desks for seven hours, an hour or two of unstructured time to relax and play outside or to do some chores around the house would be beneficial in increasing the work ethic and attention span of the students. Finally, many students are involved in sports, music, leadership groups, and churches. With all of the homework these days, it is becoming more and more of a struggle to be a “well rounded” student.
Elementary aged students often have one hour of homework each night. Students in high school are commonly receiving
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Unstructured time to play outside, read a book, do family chores, or just to relax helps to improve the child’s attitude. Additionally, these activities offer many lessons of their own. Playing outside may lead to a deeper exploration of salamanders. Reading a book of their choice will help to improve the students literacy and give useful information on all kinds of topics, as well as being a enjoyable pastime. Chores help to teach children responsibility, life skills, and what it means to be part of a family. Taking some time to unwind may help a child think about the school day and get some much needed rest. Is homework really more important than everyday life
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