Personal Narrative: From Moving To My Home

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I walked slowly, dragging my feet. My house was very close now. I walked to the door and opened it. “Mom! I’m home,” I yelled. I took my backpack off and placed it in front of me. Then I zipped open my backpack. I had homework to do. I went to work. Taking out a few binders, I went to my room. I flicked the lights on and opened my history binder. I had my test on progressives a few days ago. Now the class is learning about domestic and foreign policy. I filled in some definitions and moved on to my other homework. I managed to finish my math, science and orchestra homework. Later on that day. I noticed my neck was really itchy. I talked to my mom. “Ellicia! Your neck is bumpy and red!,” she exclaimed. “It’s also itchy,” I whined. When I scratched it the itch didn’t go away, it simply moved to somewhere else on my neck or stayed there. There were…show more content…
I told her what happened overnight. She made an appointment with the doctor. The appointment couldn 't happen right away since it was on such short notice. Every once in a while I would glance at my arms and notice new bumps where there weren’t any before. When it was time to go to the appointment, I put on a jacket and went in the car. Somehow the car got into a really bad car accident. Apparently some driver was texting or calling and swerved. It hit my mom’s car and left a pretty bad dent and made some of the wheels flat. Also that car was strong and my mom’s car was weaker. The car landed on its side. Thankfully no one was hurt. I swore I saw a few of my friend’s cars as the car crashed. The driver that slammed into us said she would pay for all of the damage. We called a tow truck and waited. The place that was fixing the car lended us one so I could go to my appointment. During the appointment, the doctor said I have scarlet fever. I had strawberry tongue, a red rash, and itchiness. She prescribed antibiotics. When my mom and I picked up the antibiotics, she noticed something
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