Importance Of Homework Should Be Banned Essay

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Some teachers believe in the importance of assigning homework to students as they believe that from along time and homework is a mondatory thing in schools and make students always in touch with their lessons and give them the opportunity to revise what they learn constantly while many students belive that homework is ineffective and should be banned because they think that homework is not add any important think to them and homework is wasting for time . In some students opinion they see that homework is like slavery as it is basically forcing young students and children to do their home work . The other reason that students believe in is that homework increase stress on students because it take long time and it keeps students up late at night getting the work done . So one see that homework should be banned for many reasons as students…show more content…
They are always doing homework their attention is focused on homework. It 's not acceptable, especially when they have 8 hours of school for five days and do a lot of work there. And they think practical practice is more useful at teaching them things how they make every think with themselves. on the other hand some people think homework is very necessiry and practice for kids about what they are learning at school and they believe that if it was banned we would see a rise in the number of students failing their tests.and it doesn’t take much time and help kids for organize their times and responsibility. peoples think that practical practice not useful as not all kids can do the practical test at the same level and it will different from children to children . so one think that homework should be banned because it is not with the interest of kids and its enough for doing works at school and increasing practical practice to make children dependent on themselves . (hook,

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