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Honduras Honduras is a tropical beach paradise that many people enjoy. It’s also the main producer of bananas. People enjoy Honduras for its beaches, parks, and scenery. The country of Honduras is located with the Caribbean Sea to the north and then the Pacific Ocean to the south. Honduras is a small Central American country who’s known for their large banana production. Honduras, a Central American country, which has amazing geography, great year-round climate, as well as a decent government, interesting culture, also lots of interesting facts. Honduras has an interesting geography including some cool land and water features. The highest mountain range in Honduras is called Cerro Las Minos which is also called Pico Cela que, it’s 9,350 feet above sea level. Honduras’ largest…show more content…
A famous woman from Honduras is Satcha Pretto, she 's a Honduran Emmy Award-winning journalist and news co-anchor of a popular morning show called ¡Despierta Amèrica! The best, most popular tourist sight is in Roatan, part of the Honduran Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It 's popular for beautiful scenery, diving, snorkeling, swimming, gardens, and an iguana farm. The 2017 population of Honduras is 8,250,293 as of January 2017. Some beaches and parks in Honduras include Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve , Little French Key, West Bay Beach, Gumbalimba Park, Cayos Cochinos, Tabyana Beach and the list goes on. The flag of Honduras is five-pointed stars arranged in an “X” pattern. They represent the five former nations of the Federal Republic of Central America (Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador). Honduras means “great depths”. Honduras is covered with 80% mountains. On July 30th, 1502, Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras. Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital, is one of the only places worldwide with no railroads. As a result there is lots to do in Honduras and lots of interesting

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