Essay On Hong Kong Culture

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Whenever we talked about festival, different kinds of memories will pop up in our mind. For example, the moment we share mooncakes with our family in mid-autumn festival, when we are begging Santa Claus to give us presents in Christmas, etc. However, there are many unique cultures in Hong Kong that are not being celebrated and known by Hong Kong people. Among all of the unique Hong Kong cultures, most of them had already been left behind by HongKongers. But in my opinion, each Hong Kong cultures have its own value and special meaning and we should try our best to preserve them. The culture of Hong Kong means that the culture can only be found within Hong Kong but not other places. The key elements of culture is to be memorable , meaningful and mass-oriented. Hong…show more content…
By organizing this event, different stakeholders can be benefited. To start with, to readers, the festival can give them a platform to be familiar and know more about Hong Kong local comics. They can also have a new choice when they are reading comic books in the future. Also, the festival can let the 70s~80s generation have a chance to read their favorite comics when they were young. Secondly, to the local comic writers and illustrators, form the above evidence and statistics, we can know that ionize really a trim time for Hong Kong Comics as the sales of home-grown comics has fallen drastically. By introducing this festival, the writers and illustrators can gain currency by introducing their comics to Hong Kong people but not like in the Hong Kong animation and comics festival, readers are often going there just for “ big brands” like Marvel comics and DC comics. Then Hong Kong comics may have opportunities to gain more readers to improve their sales and earn more profit to continue their job as well as Hong Kong local comic
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