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Out of the various ways to represent Georgia Southern University, becoming an Honors Ambassador has been one of the most interesting opportunities I 've heard of since my start as a student. Not only would it fulfill my experiential learning requirement, but it would help by building onto my essential communication and public speaking skills which are a necessity to succeed in today 's society. This opportunity also opens up a variety of work and volunteer experiences which could connect me with other Honors students and staff. Also, before attending Georgia Southern, I was clueless of the realities I was about to face as an incoming freshman. I would love to share my experience with others to help ease their transition into college life. An Honors Ambassador should excel in a few skills such as: clear communication skills and being able to connect and relate to a variety of potential students and their parents. They should hold good student values by attending every class, staying involved, or going that extra mile to express the best of their abilities. My communication skills have substantially improved since I started working as a front desk receptionist at McCorkle Sales in Claxton as a high school senior. For example, I must be able to maintain a friendly personality to every incoming customer and…show more content…
Personally, the Thesis/Capstone project requirement seems to one of the best aspects the Honors Program has considering you gain experience pertaining to your major while connecting you with professors and other students with the same common mindset. I am also looking forward to the benefit of smaller class sizes which will allow me to focus and interact on a more personal level with professors and other
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