Essay On Honor Culture

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I grew up in a neighborhood in Oak Cliff, which is mostly Hispanic but from different nationalities, such as from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. I am of Mexican decent and both my parents who are from a small town in Oaxaca. Few of my neighbors were white and black and did not know much about our culture, however, my father always invited them to attend a cookout or family party. My uncles did the same thing in their neighborhood in south Oak Cliff because they were only Hispanics. Once the neighbors were enlightened it created a bridge and broke stereotypes. Sharing the riches of my heritage is something I been doing with people. I believe that food and drinks from one’s culture is the best way for people to get to know each other. I have a friend who attends SMU and is also Hispanic but is scared to share our culture with his classmates because he fears being judged. Culture inclusion is something I will do at SMU because I have gained many friends from different ethnicities.

By being in the National Guard it allowed me to sign up for the Salute Veterans national honor society, which is an honor society for veterans who are in higher education. SMU can benefit from my military background because there is
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Resources such as networking with other cultures, internships, historic tradition, university experience, and being able to study abroad. I will bring the SMU community to my community because many young Hispanic males see SMU as an impossible thing to achieve. When I was in high school I never heard of a Mexican American from Oak Cliff attending SMU. This is an opportunity for me to break barriers for my community because many young males see school as a waste of time. In the end I just I want to compete academically with the best in the SMU community because I know what I can do in the classroom or
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