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In life, you can go through a lot but only a few people actually can bounce back. In High School I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations to get to the point I’m at now. I’ve been held to high standards based on the classes I’ve taken. My Honors classes built the foundation for me to start challenging myself and kill the procrastination problem I possessed in my young academic career. The Honors classes prepared me for the Advanced Placement classes that were offered. My junior year I took on the challenge by taking Language and Composition then also taking United States History. That gave me the confidence to double my load with adding on 2 more AP classes to my schedule which is a challenge but I think there’s much worse than four AP classes. As you go you learn that if you set your mind on doing a certain thing anything is possible to overcome.…show more content…
My life in Chicago made me who I am today determined to be greater than what the neighborhood I came from. My parents always made sure I was off the streets putting me in different programs such as Softball, Basketball,Football, Boys and Girls Club, and even the Lighthouse Youth Center. All of those programs helped build a man motivating me to not be only a follower but also a leader. The lighthouse Youth Center gave me my first job at fourteen my last year in Chicago which I thank them to this day for giving me the opportunity. As I transitioned to the South Suburbs my relationship with my parents started to get iffy as I started to have my own opinion. Which led to me becoming more independent as I started to get more involved in my School. I can say I’ve experienced a lot positively and negatively getting hurt during my sophomore year really affected me but the way I’ve worked back showed my determination and
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